Trapezoid Obstacle / Shape

Trapezoid Obstacles are the perfect barrier or hurdle to include in any ninja obstacle course. These foam trapezoid shapes function as training aids and obstacles in a variety of disciplines, including ninja training and extreme sports. They are an integral part of many obstacle courses and add a level of difficulty to any training regimen.

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About Our Trapezoid Obstacles

Our Trapezoid Obstacles are sturdy, yet soft, foam shapes making them ideal for any training course. Whether they are being used as barriers to climbed or hurdles meant to be leaped over, they provide a safe challenge for all skill levels. Made with a high-quality EPS core wrapped in an EPE shell, our Trapezoid Obstacles are designed to reduce the risks of injuries. They absorb impact shocks while also providing a stable surface to climb on. Their unique design allows them to return to their natural shape after repeated use, allowing them to be used for years.
On the exterior of every Trapezoid Obstacle is a tear-resistant vinyl cover that is easy to clean and disinfect after use. The bottoms of the shapes will hold firm where they are placed, preventing the obstacle from moving as athletes climb, fall, lean on them. Also included are convenient handles that allow for easy setup, transport, and repositioning anytime and anywhere in your facility.

Trapezoid Obstacle Specifications

– Made with a high-quality EPS core wrapped in an EPE shell
– Covered with durable 18-ounce vinyl
– Convenient handles make it easy to transport and re-position
– Available as single-color or two-color in 12 color options
– Contact us for custom size, design, and color options

Trapezoid Obstacle Applications

– Ninja training and obstacle courses
– Trampoline parks
– Extreme sports centers

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Custom Sizes Available


18 oz. Vinyl Cover


Black, Bright Pink, Charcoal, Light Gray, Lime Green, Marine Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Yellow, White


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