Octagon Training Shape / Obstacle

Octagon Training Shapes are a great addition to any gymnastics or cheerleading training facility. They are also ideal for ninja training courses. Whether athletes are jumping over them on an obstacle course, or younger students are using them as a training aid for handsprings, dive rolls, and walk-overs, these foam shapes will provide a safe, engaging challenge for athletes of all ages and training levels.

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About Our Octagon Training Shapes

Our Octagon Training Shapes are colorful, stable, and safe for most types of athletic training. They are manufactured with a high-quality 60 ILD polyurethane foam that provides a stable surface to stand or roll on, climb over, or spring off. They also absorb the shock of impacts, making them a safe and soft surface for training. The materials and shape will hold over time, even after repeated collisions, compressions, and falls. They are designed to make your facility a safe place to train.

All Octagon Training Shapes are covered with heavy-duty vinyl that is tear-resistant and easy to wipe clean and disinfect. Convenient handles also make the shape easy to move around a facility and store when not in use.

Octagon Training Shape Specifications

– Made with high-quality 60 ILD polyurethane foam
– Covered with durable 18-ounce vinyl
– Convenient handles make it easy to transport and re-position
– Available as single-color or two-color in 12 color options
– Contact us for custom size, design, and color options

Octagon Training Shape Applications

– Ninja training and obstacle courses
– Trampoline parks
– Extreme sports centers
– Gymnastics
– Cheerleading

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs

Available in Custom Sizes


Covered with 18 oz. vinyl


Black, Bright Pink, Charcoal, Light Gray, Lime Green, Marine Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Yellow, White


We're one of the only athletic mat manufacturers that offers design, sewing, and foam fabrication in house. That means faster lead times, lower prices, and more customization ability.

We're an industry leader and are the private label manufacturer for the biggest brands in gym safety. Thousands of gyms nationwide trust their athletes' safety to Perfect Landing products daily.

Because we manufacture everything in-house, we have unmatched custom capabilities. Color, thickness, foam material, texture, completely custom products. You name it, we'll customize it for you.

Being a division of American Converters, we have unmatched material inventory on hand and because we do everything in-house, our manufacturing speed is the fastest in the industry.