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  • Crash-Safety Mats

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    Crash-Safety Mats

    Safety Mats aka “Crash Mats” or “Extreme Pits” are designed to provide safe falls and landings for extreme athletes training at greater heights or performing high velocity stunts. Available in a variety of dimensions, Crash Mats are the ideal padding for action sport athletes perfecting new tricks, gymnasts practicing a new dismount, or any other activity that requires protection from extreme falls.

    – Standard thickness = 24 inches and 32 inches
    – Convenient handles make mats easy to carry and transport
    – Made with multiple layers of high quality polyurethane foam designed to protect athletes and withstand high velocity impact.
    – Covered with durable 18 oz. vinyl
    – Available in 12 color options

    Contact us for custom size, design, and color options.

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