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  • Incline Wedges

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    Incline Wedges

    Incline Wedges are one of the most versatile foam shapes generally used in gymnastics or cheerleading practice but can also be used as obstacles in ninja training courses, among many other gym-based applications. Also known as wedge mats, Incline Wedges are perfect for everything from tumbling and gymnastics to dance and cheer, providing the padding and safety athletes of all ages need to train hard.

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  • Mailbox Shape / Obstacle

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    Mailbox Shape / Obstacle

    Mailbox Shapes can have many uses across multiple training disciplines. They can be used in ninja warrior courses as a challenging obstacle that must be climbed or jumped over. They can also be used in gymnastics facilities as tumbling aids or for front rolls and backbends. No matter their use, these versatile foam shapes will fit right in at any training or recreational facility.

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  • Ninja Bench

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    Ninja Bench

    Ninja Benches are a fun and exciting addition to any ninja training routine or obstacle course. These versatile foam obstacles present two different training challenges for athletes; they can be used as jumping-off points for clearing long jumps or as hurdles at any point in a ninja training course. Their versatility is what makes them a great addition to any training regimen.

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  • Slanted Steps

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    Slanted Steps

    Slanted Steps are an integral part of almost every ninja obstacle course. It’s common to see anywhere from three- to eight-step runs, depending on space restrictions and the complexity of the course. These versatile ninja obstacles easily fit into the design of any ninja course, making them a “must-have” for any ninja training or recreational play facility.

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  • Trapezoid Obstacle / Shape

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    Trapezoid Obstacle / Shape

    Trapezoid Obstacles are the perfect barrier or hurdle to include in any ninja obstacle course. These foam trapezoid shapes function as training aids and obstacles in a variety of disciplines, including ninja training and extreme sports. They are an integral part of many obstacle courses and add a level of difficulty to any training regimen.