Wall Pads and Protective Padding

Custom Wall Pads and other protective padding offer the ultimate level of protection facilities need, no matter how the space is being used. Whether you need protection for a gymnastics, extreme sports, ninja training, or any other type of sports or entertainment facility, Perfect Landing can design and fabricate custom protective padding that perfectly fits your space. Have an awkwardly shaped room filled with nooks, corners, poles, and other room features? We can customize Wall Pads and protective padding to perfectly fit ANY space.
With a design team, engineering department, and construction and fabrication facilities all under a single roof, Perfect Landing has the capabilities needed to outfit any facility with the protective padding they need to keep their students, athletes and customers safe. All our products are made right here in the USA, allowing us to provide the quality products and fast service our customers deserve.

Short manufacturing lead times (we ship products quickly!)

Rapid design and prototyping of products

100% custom design capabilities

Quotes offered free of charge

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