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  • Incline Wedges

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    Incline Wedges

    Incline Wedges are one of the most versatile foam shapes generally used in gymnastics or cheerleading practice but can also be used as obstacles in ninja training courses, among many other gym-based applications. Also known as wedge mats, Incline Wedges are perfect for everything from tumbling and gymnastics to dance and cheer, providing the padding and safety athletes of all ages need to train hard.

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  • Panel – Tumbling Mat

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    Panel – Tumbling Mat

    Tumbling Mats are a versatile, convenient safety product ideal for all types of training—from gymnastics and tumbling to martial arts and extreme sports. Also known as panel mats, these foldable mats have a low-profile design that makes them easy to move around and store. They can be taken out quickly and moved around seamlessly wherever and whenever they are needed.

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