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  • Wall Pads

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    Wall Pads

    The safety of athletes and trainees is the top priority for all gyms and facilities. Wall Pads are an effective way to reduce the risk of injury in a gym or facility, as well as prevent damage to the walls of the space. Perfect Landing manufactures all Wall Pads from scratch and to customer specifications. Standard wall pads are two inches thick with a 7/16″ OSB backing for the ultimate combination of protection and stability.

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  • Column Pads

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    Column Pads

    Three-sided Column Pads are an effective way to reduce the risk of injury in your facility, not only for athletes, but for the infrastructure connected to the facility space. Columns are a common element found in almost every room. Column pads are constructed to ensure corners remain fixed and provide the utmost protection possible.

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  • Corner Pads

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    Corner Pads

    Specifically designed to protect dangerous outside edges found on walls, stages, platforms, or other cornered areas found within gyms and training facilities, Corner Pads are essential in ensuring the safety of athletes and participants.

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  • Ninja Wall

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    Ninja Wall

    The foam-based vertical wall is a symbol of the invention present in ninja obstacle course shape and design. This wall can be broken down and each piece used separately as its own obstacle.

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  • Truss Pads

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    Truss Pads

    Metal trusses, whether structural or decorative, that fall within the potential impact zone of a gym or training facility, require protective padding covers stretching from the floor up to the height that no possible impact can occur.

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