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  • Wall Pads

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    Wall Pads

    Wall Pads are the best way to ensure wall-to-wall impact protection across your entire facility. When the safety of athletes is the top priority, Wall Pads offer a secure and high level of impact protection. They also act as a barrier to protect the walls within your space, preventing damage from occurring in the event of an accidental impact.

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  • Column Pads

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    Column Pads

    Column Pads are an easy, safe, and effective way to reduce the risk of injury in athletic training and recreational facilities. One of the most common structures found in most buildings are columns. This creates a dangerous area where standard wall pads normally won’t protect. Column Pads ensure every inch of your facility is protected from damage and, more importantly, participants are protected from making contact with them.

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  • Corner Pads

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    Corner Pads

    Corner Pads are specifically designed to protect dangerous outside edges found on walls, stages, platforms, or other areas found within gyms and training facilities. These types of protective pads are essential to ensuring the safety of athletes, children, and anyone else training or playing with an athletic or recreational facility.

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  • Ninja Wall

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    Ninja Wall

    Ninja Walls add a degree of difficulty to ninja training, allowing athletes to fine-tune their climbing skills as they traverse an increasingly difficult obstacle course. These modular vertical wall sets easily fit into the design of any course, with multiple pieces being able to be used separately of stacked on top of one another.

    This wall can be broken down and each piece used separately as its own obstacle.

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  • Truss Pads

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    Truss Pads

    Truss Pads are a type of square column or pole pad that are specially designed to fit around metal trusses within a building, providing much-needed protection for dangerous impact points. These metal trusses, whether structural or decorative, require protective padding that can cover all sides of the pole and extend from the floor to a height where impacts will no longer occur.

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